Wallaby Population Status

The summary was compiled from a list of wallaby species, though there is some argument as to whether the Pademelons should be included.
Where available, the status of the species was sourced from the Australian Government Department of Environment website which lists endangered and extinct species populations at a state level. For all other classifications the IUCN or Wikipedia was consulted for the population status and distribution. Grey shading indicates that the species is not found in that location. All other colouring indicates the status of the population that exists in the location according to the population's vulnerability.

Vulnerability Key

In descending order of severity.
NameAustraliaPapua New GuineaKawau Island New ZealandNote
Genus Macropus
Agile wallaby - Macropus agilisNPOKNPOKNPOKNPNPNP
Black-striped wallaby - Macropus dorsalisOKOKNPNPNPNPNPNPExtinctinfo
Red-necked wallaby (Bennet's) - Macropus rufogriseusOKOKNPNPOKNPOKNPNPinfo
Parma wallaby - Macropus parmaNear ThreatenedNPNPNPNPNPNPNPOKinfo
Tammar wallaby - Macropus eugeniiNPNPEndangeredNPNPNPNPNPOKinfo
Toolache wallaby - Macropus greyiiNPNPExtinctExtinctNPNPNPNPNP
Western brush wallaby - Macropus irmaNPNPNPOKNPNPNPNPNP
Whiptail wallaby - Macropus parryiOKOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Genus Petrogale
Allied rock-wallaby - Petrogale assimilisNPOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Black-flanked rock-wallaby - Petrogale lateralisNPNPEndangeredVulnerableNPOKNPNPNP
Brush-tailed rock-wallaby - Petrogale penicillataEndangeredVulnerableNPNPCritically EndangeredNPNPNPOK
Cape York rock-wallaby - Petrogale coenensisNPVulnerableNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Godman's rock-wallaby - Petrogale godmaniNPOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Herbert's rock-wallaby - Petrogale herbertiNPOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Mareeba rock-wallaby - Petrogale mareebaNPOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Monjon - Petrogale burbidgeiNPNPNPNear ThreatenedNPNPNPNPNP
Mt. Claro rock-wallaby - Petrogale sharmaniNPNear ThreatenedNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Nabarlek - Petrogale concinnaNPNPNPOKNPOKNPNPNP
Proserpine rock-wallaby - Petrogale persephoneNPEndangeredNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Purple-necked rock-wallaby - Petrogale purpureicollisNPOKNPNPNPOKNPNPNP
Rothschild's rock-wallaby - Petrogale rothschildiNPNPNPOKNPNPNPNPNP
Short-eared rock-wallaby - Petrogale brachyotisNPNPNPOKNPOKNPNPNP
Unadorned rock-wallaby - Petrogale inornataNPOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Yellow-footed rock-wallaby - Petrogale xanthopusEndangeredNPVulnerableNPNPNPNPNPNP
Genus Lagostrophus
Banded hare-wallaby - Lagostrophus fasciatusNPNPExtinctVulnerableNPNPNPNPNPinfo
Eastern hare-wallaby - Lagorchestes leporidesExtinctNPEndangeredNPThreatenedNPNPNPNP
Lake Mackay hare-wallaby - Lagorchestes asomatusNPNPNPExtinctNPExtinctNPNPNP
Rufous hare-wallaby - Lagorchestes hirsutusNPNPNPVulnerableNPEndangeredNPNPNPinfo
Spectacled Hare-wallaby - Lagorchestes conspicillatus conspicillatusNPNPNPVulnerableNPNPNPNPNPinfo
Genus Dorcopsis
Black Forest Wallaby - Dorcopsis atrataNPNPNPNPNPNPNPCritically EndangeredNPinfo
Brown Forest Wallaby - Dorcopsis muelleriNPNPNPNPNPNPNPOKNP
Gray dorcopsis - Dorcopsis luctuosaNPNPNPNPNPNPNPVulnerableNP
White-striped dorcopsis - Dorcopsis hageniNPNPNPNPNPNPNPOKNP
Genus Onychogalea
Bridled nail-tail wallaby - Onychogalea fraenataExtinctEndangeredNPNPThreatenedNPNPNPNP
Crescent nail-tail wallaby - Onychogalea lunataExtinctNPEndangeredExtinctNPExtinctNPNPNPinfo
Northern nail-tail wallaby - Onychogalea unguiferaNPOKNPOKNPOKNPNPNP
Genus Thylogale
Brown's pademelon - Thylogale browniNPNPNPNPNPNPNPVulnerableNP
Calaby's pademelon - Thylogale calabyiNPNPNPNPNPNPNPEndangeredNP
Dusky pademelon - Thylogale bruniiNPNPNPNPNPNPNPVulnerableNP
Mountain pademelon - Thylogale lanatusNPNPNPNPNPNPNPEndangeredNP
Red-legged pademelon - Thylogale stigmaticaOKOKNPNPNPNPNPOKNP
Red-necked pademelon - Thylogale thetisOKNPNPNPNPNPNPNPNP
Tasmanian pademelon - Thylogale billardieriiNPNPNPNPNPNPOKNPNP
Genus Dorcopsulus
Macleay's dorcopsis - Dorcopsulus macleayiNPNPNPNPNPNPNPOKNP
Genus Wallabia
Swamp wallaby or Black Wallaby - Wallabia bicolorOKOKOKNPOKNPNPNPOK


Australian Government Department of Environment
ICUN Red List